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by Zagk Gibbons

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released June 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Zagk Gibbons St Louis, Missouri

Zagk Gibbons is a solo loop artist from St. Louis, MO.

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Track Name: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
My Baby's got a pain in her side
It's eating almost all of her pride
She's trying to clean out our house
But she couldn't get it all if she tried

I made myself a whole new life
It's simple now and so is my strife
Battling this pain in my side
Keep it armored with my anger and pride

When we heard the doctor's news we were penniless and blue
How could we ever make it through we were penniless and blue

We tried to make his life the best
Cuz he's struggling with this hole in his chest
It's too much for me to see
But I wish I'd tried to keep you at rest

Cabin fever's settling in
It's eating almost all of her pen
Pictures she used to draw
Are fading like the hair on his head

Can't find the strength to make it through
we were penniless and blue
The work I had just wouldn't do
now I'm penniless and blue